What does Luxury Houses for Sale in Los Angeles really mean?

Zillow ranks the average price of a home in LA as north of $800,000. Now obviously, this covers a massive area and multiple communities, many of which feature home selling in the multi-millions. Still, $1 million dollars is not an insignificant chunk of change, so there should be a place you can find in greater Los Angeles to slot into that price level. Isn’t there? It’s not so much the question, as finding the best of the best realtors in Los Angeles to answer the question. You’ll find that realtor resources pillared in integrity, experience, and an in-depth knowledge will direct you toward a methodical way to buy real estate in Los Angeles at all notches on the luxury scale.

We looked at the realtor selection and settled on discussing the search for Real Estate for Sale Los Angeles luxury style with the Shore/Hitt Real Estate network. Their aggregate 34 years experience in LA property markets stands out as a beacon, as do the numerous customer reviews. There’s no doubt that this Keller Williams team ranks as one of the top realtors in Los Angeles luxury markets. David confirmed that they are highly active in a broad section of communities where luxury real estate transactions are streaming through every day. These include property enclaves like:

  • Beverly Hills; Hollywood Hills; West Hollywood
  • Hollywood; Santa Monica; Culver City
  • Brentwood; Westwood; West LA
  • Los Feliz; Silverlake; Burbank
  • Atwater Village; Cypress Park; Eagle Rock
  • Glassell Park; Glendale; Highland Park
  • Mt Washington; Montecito Heights; Sherman Oaks
  • Studio City; Encino; San Fernando Valley.
  • West Hollywood; Hollywood; Santa Monica
  • Culver City; Brentwood; Westwood
  • West LA; Los Feliz; Silver Lake
  • Burbank; Atwater Village; Cypress Park
  • Eagle Rock; Glassell Park; Glendale
  • Highland Park; Mt Washington; Montecito Heights
  • Sherman Oaks; Studio City; Encino; San Fernando Valley.
  • “Luxury is relative, but just having the resources to live in these communities means you are stepping up to a better standard of living,” says David. “We have to take into account if, indeed, this is a first home, a retiree perhaps downsizing, or we are representing an upwardly mobile family looking for all the bells and whistles.” He made it abundantly clear that “luxury” doesn’t align with paying the highest price. Buyers always have to look for value when entering a transaction of this magnitude. When you buy property in Los Angeles on the proverbial “luxury elevator” – starting at around $900,000 – make sure that your realtor can guide you around the neighborhood no matter which floor you step off on.

    The Shore/Hitt team will find the right location to suit your pocket, making sure that considerations (often overlooked) are not forgotten. Commute time and all the expected conveniences, including healthcare, good schools, and friendly neighbors should figure into a realtor’s guidance.

    “Nothing can be overlooked, and that’s an awesome responsibility when acting for luxury real estate clients,” says Ronald. “ For example, we regularly close homes for sale in Los Feliz CA that include bungalows, condos, mansions, and townhouses. You have to know it all.” Multiply that by all the nooks and crannies in every town and city in greater Los Angeles and the challenge is massive. Earning recognition as one of the select best realtors in Los Angeles doesn’t come easy, and is only as good as your last review.

    Funding is a front, center, and back thing when millions of dollars are on the line. Even buyers with money in the bank understand the power of leverage. Given this, your luxury real estate realtor should know the ins and outs of mortgage funding, and if you don’t have one in mind, can direct you to a tried-and-trusted resource in the field. Ronald confirmed that the team’s funding connections after multiple financing deals sre stellar and supportive in every way.

    The devil’s in the details when it comes to Luxury Houses for sale in Los Angeles

    Luxury homebuyers in Los Angeles are uniquely pedantic, and sometimes cannot get over preconceived notions. The latter are frequently not on point, but a professional realtor understands that debunking ideas unceremoniously results in angst and client conflict. “We are excellent listeners,” says David. “We never underestimate our clients’ viewpoints, even if we disagree. Our strength is that most customers can sense, out of the gate, that we know our stuff. So they listen to us as well. In the end, mutual client/realtor trust is all that counts.”

    When you buy property in Los Angeles, look at reviews

    We decided to get the view of some of the team’s clients with their permission. On a random sampling, the overwhelming feedback reflected complete faith in their guidance at every touchpoint of the experience. One seller told us that the Shore/Hitt resources seamlessly dealt with showdays, curb appeal, staging, inspections, and tours with minimal inconvenience. Security was always a priority and their technology with 3-D presentation was second to none. A high-end buyer for a multi-million dollar home said that if he ever moved again, there’s no other team he would accept for the transition. “Their processes were smooth and seamless, and powered by unsurpassed expertise.”

    When looking for luxury houses for sale in Los Angeles, or for purchase, settle only for the best. Cover all the bases, and leave nothing to chance. It’s probably one of the most significant asset transactions of your life, so the few at the top – indeed, the best realtors in Los Angeles – are the only ones that’ll do. The Shore – Hitt team fits that bill in more ways than one.