How one of the best realtors in Los Angeles gave their clients a realistic perspective of “location, location, location.”

The Shore/Hitt Real Estate Network has been a leader in dealing with Luxury Houses for Sale in Los Angeles for sellers and buyers alike for thirty-four years between them. Agents all over California recognize them as a mentor and rainmaker in paving the way for transacting iconic properties in LA. If you are a Los Angeles resident looking to move up to the luxury category of homes or an investor wanting to buy real estate Los Angeles for many reasons, Hitt and Shore offer an engaging experience. They tell their clients time and time again to spend their money based on “Location, location, location.” More specifically, what does this mean:

  • 3. Wherever you buy property in Los Angeles, make sure you consider its current value but make a reasonable projection on future appreciation. That’s why many say it’s a sound principle to buy the worst house on the best street and not the other way around.
  • 4. Simultaneously, lifestyle is vital when luxury houses for Sale in Los Angeles fall under the microscope. Sometimes you have to sacrifice dollar value to live the way you want going into the 2020s.
  • The takeaway boils down to finding the right balance, and there’s no better entity to advise you on this than your representative realtors. The important thing is to ensure that you choose from the best realtors in Los Angeles when delving into this arena. The Shore/Hitt duo stands out as an excellent selection. Their system systematically covers the following items to give you a clear overview, thus deriving both investment benefits and living standards in a measured way. Here are only a few of the constructs they look at:

    The urban sprawl factor

    David and Ronald know how to buy real estate in Los Angeles, particularly in the following neighborhoods, like the back of their hands:

  • Beverly Hills; Hollywood Hills; West Hollywood
  • Hollywood; Santa Monica; Culver City
  • Brentwood; Westwood; West LA
  • Los Feliz; Silverlake; Burbank
  • Atwater Village; Cypress Park; Eagle Rock
  • Glassell Park; Glendale; Highland Park
  • Mt Washington; Montecito Heights; Sherman Oaks
  • Studio City; Encino; San Fernando Valley
  • West Hollywood; Hollywood; Santa Monica
  • Culver City; Brentwood; Westwood
  • West LA; Los Feliz; Silver Lake
  • Burbank; Atwater Village; Cypress Park
  • Eagle Rock; Glassell Park; Glendale
  • Highland Park; Mt Washington; Montecito Heights
  • Sherman Oaks; Studio City; Encino; San Fernando Valley.
  • Not only the neighborhoods, but they have an in-depth appreciation of every street, cul-de-sac, hillside, or waterside locations. It provides invaluable input to help you zone in on the right way to, say, Los Feliz Houses for Sale – or in any other community for that matter.

    Commute time

    One thing the Best Realtors in Los Angeles will tell you without fail, Los Angeles has traffic – lots of it. It’s not something you can brush away as a minor issue. If excessive, commute time can get you down and eventually pop your bubble of a dream home. You need to think about shopping malls, your office, airports, restaurants, public transport, hospitals, green areas, entertainment, and much more. Realtors deal with these issues routinely, saving you substantial aggravation. Real estate for sale Los Angeles without taking commute time into account is like going to a big-league game without a confirmed ticket. Don’t take the chance it’ll somehow work out.

    Your stage of life

    Are you representing a young family, or perhaps an empty-nester? Retirees downsizing want different things to, say, a professional with four kids ranging from six to fourteen at different schools. Religious affiliations, cultural orientations, occupational drivers, and other vital demographics are in the mix. Throw them all at your realtor. If they are worth their weight in gold, “location, location, location” will take on a new meaning for you.


    Search as you may amongst the best realtors in Los Angeles, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better than David Hitt and Ronald Shore. They have all the data on real estate for sale Los Angeles style to give you and your family the best direction from location to comfort you’ll ever need. It all boils down to a realtor that adheres to the highest professional standards to give the necessary peace of mind when searching for the right location.