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  1. 2 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,083 sqft   lot 3,921 sqft
    MLS 21731600
    1 Days on Market
  2. 4 Beds,  4 Baths
    3,175 sqft   lot 4,836 sqft
    MLS 21732444
    1 Days on Market
  3. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,591 sqft   lot 5,663 sqft
    MLS OC21097875
    1 Days on Market
  4. 2 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,624 sqft   lot 6,099 sqft
    MLS 21731916
    2 Days on Market
  5. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,294 sqft   lot 4,792 sqft
    MLS PW21103105
    2 Days on Market
  6. 4 Beds,  3 Baths
    2,154 sqft   lot 5,663 sqft
    MLS 21732402
    2 Days on Market
  7. 3 Beds,  3 Baths
    1,536 sqft  
    MLS 21702290
    2 Days on Market
  8. 3 Beds,  3 Baths
    2,265 sqft   lot 6,099 sqft
    MLS 21731220
    2 Days on Market
  9. 5 Beds,  4 Baths
    4,220 sqft   lot 8,669 sqft
    MLS 21732190
    2 Days on Market
  10. 6 Beds,  5 Baths
    3,646 sqft   lot 6,099 sqft
    MLS 21732084
    2 Days on Market

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Of all Los Angeles Real Estate Agents - Why Us?

The best realtors in Los Angeles, nationally, and globally, recognize that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to client-care and going the extra mile to achieve mutual transactional goals. Over the last six years, our accomplishments have represented the best of the Californian luxury property market’s cutting-edge transactions. It makes us one of the top realtors in Los Angeles and the #1 LA Real Estate Resource to get residential deals closed quickly and efficiently. Our hand-in-glove collaboration processes guarantee we will exceed your expectations if you want to buy real estate in Los Angeles – or sell it.

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Identifying 5 biggest real estate transactional pain points

1. Still paying the price from previous missteps
2. Distrust of realtor website claims & realtor competence.
3. Not clear on the meaning of “one-stop-service”
4. Being left alone to manage the stress of negotiating the deal
5. Dealing with all the diverse issues essential for success

The Shore/Hitt real estate network solutions

1. We know the devil’s in the details, and we’re excellent listeners.
2. We’re not in it for today’s business. Long-term relationships are everything.
3. We guarantee you our undivided attention to every touchpoint
4. We’re in it with you today, tomorrow, & every day after that.
5. We understand it all and handle them without hassle


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Ronald Shore and David Hitt are two of the nicest guys that I've ever met in the industry. They really are exactly the type of realtors that you want on your team. Professionalism, communication skills, intelligence, research and sense of humor all play a crucial role in how they develop a relationship with their clients. Plus, they're the sharpest dressed duo you will ever find (ha ha),I will continue to recommend Ronald and David...
David and Ronald helped me to find my first house in California even I was still in Boston. I am very satisfied with their service. They are so professional and gave me good advices. They are so nice and good persons too! I will definitely uses their service for my next house and recommend them to my friends!
keyi j
When selling our home, my husband and I wanted 3 important qualities in hiring a RE Agent. First, it was very important that our RE Agent knew a lot about our neighborhood. (schools, shopping, fire stations, etc.) Second, we wanted an Agent that cared about our property, and one that would give great advice about staging our home for open house! Third, we want an Agent that had Negotiation skills...
David and Ron are two very genuine, smart and honest real estate agents. Helping in the process that is not just a sale but an emotional endeavor. They are attentive, hard working and I would highly recommend them, and I do tell anyone who is interested in buying and selling their house to use them.

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